Logs & Sawn Timber


The JAF Group is organized locally in Europe, where timber resources grow. We accompany the value creation chain from logs from forestry to cutting and production to sales. Additionally, we have long-term partnerships with forest owners and more than 300 suppliers. Whether logs or industrial timber – we buy and sell every species of tree as well as every assortment that comes from logging.

Range of species

Hardwood: oak, ash, birch, beech, poplarSoftwood: spruce, pine, larch, Scandinavian spruce and pine




1. Germany | 2. Denmark | 3. France | 4. Russia | 5. Belgium | 6. Finland | 7. Sweden

Afromorsia, ayous, azobe, billinga, ekaba, frake, gmelina, iroko, mukulungu, okan, padouk, sapelli, sipo, tali, teak, umbilla and wenge





1. Central African Republic | 2. Cameroon | 3. Republic of Congo | 4. South Africa

Acacia, blackwood, eucalyptus kamerere, natural calophylum, natural kamerere and natural pometia




1. Malaysia | 2. Solomon Islands

Amberwood, basralocus, bolletrie, cedar, Ecuador teak, eucalyptus grandis, granadillo, kopi, ipe, maka kabbes, mora, palo santo, purpleheart, teak, wana and zwarte kabbes





1. Columbia | 2. Ecuador | 3. Uruguay | 4. Costa Rica | 5. Panama | 6. Suriname | 7. Brazil | 8. Guyana

Southern yellow pine, red oak, white oak, ash, walnut, poplar, maple, hickory and cherry





1. USA | 2. Canada

Sawn Timber

Our sawmills process high-quality logs from all over Europe – especially oak, ash, beech, cherry wood, and maple. We also produce special thicknesses and fix dimensions of sawn timber for our customers’ specifications.

We guarantee availability at short notice in all our sales outlets. Besides, we procure any timber for our customers’ special needs: from tonewood to industrial specifications such as frieze and squared timber.

Our service: absolute precision work


Sawing takes place in our sawmill on ultramodern machines in Austria and Romania. We produce both fixed dimensions and special thicknesses.

Thermo modifying

Logs are carefully processed using special steaming or boiling, and by request timber can also be thermally modified.


We grade our European timber into three main quality specifications for different customer requirements. We can also select several specifications from the imported hard wood timber to our customers’ requirements.

Cut to size and planing

At our processing centers, we also supply customized solutions in different dimensions and profiles.

Range of species

Alder, ash, beech, birch, chestnut, cherry, ash, hornbeam, larch, oak, reclaimed wood, maple, spruce, pine, and walnut




1. France | 2. Croatia | 3. Russia | 4. Romania | 5. Ukraine | 6. Denmark | 7. Austria | 8. Germany | 9. Finland

Afromosia, ayous, beli, cedar, dibetou, douka, doussie, ebiara, gombe, iroko, izombe, kevazingo, khaya, kossipo, lingue, longhi, moabi, okan, ovengkol, pachyloba, padouk, sapelli, sipo, tali, teak, wenge and zingana



1. Ghana | 2. Central African Republic | 3. Cameoon | 4. Republic of Congo | 5. Democratic Republic of the Congo | 6. Ivory Coast | 7. Gabon

Acacia, balau, kapur, keruing, meranti and merbau





1. Vietnam | 2. Indonesia | 3. Malaysia

Andiroba, angelim vermelho, cedar, cumaru, eucalyptus, garapa, ipe, jatoba, lenga, massaranduba, pine, sucupira and tauari





1. Brazil | 2. Chile | 3. Guatemala | 4. Peru | 5. Bolivia

Ash, poplar, cherry, hard maple, red oak, white oak, walnut, western hemlock, yellow cedar, ash and basswood





1. USA | 2. Canada