The first online shop with single high resolution images of veneer worldwide

Our veneer online shop does not only offer diversity and quality but also the unique opportunity to carry out an expert assessment of the individual character, and beauty of each veneer bundle at your monitor. 

Range of species

Acacia, alder, ash, aspen, beech, birch, cedar, cherry, chestnut, elm, eucalyptus, guanacaste, hickory, holly, hornbeam, larch, laurel, mapa, oak, olive, pearwood, pine, poplar, spruce, swiss pear, sycamore, toulipie, walnut and yew




1. Hungary | 2. Austria | 3. Italy | 4. Spain | 5. Romania | 6. France | 7. Finland

Ayous, afromosia, amazakoue, amboina, aniegre, apa, asoma, avodire, bubinga, ceiba, celtis, dahoma, dibetou, doussie, African ebony, edinam/tiama, entedua, etimoe, eucalyptus, guarea, hyedua, khaya mahagony, koto, lathi, mahogany, makore, mansonia, movingui, ofram, okoume, padouk, pau rosa, sapelli, wenge, yaya and zebrano



1. Cameroon | 2. Nigeria | 3. Ivory Coast | 4. Ghana | 5. Guinea | 6. Zaire | 7. Gabon

Acacia, bamboo, blackwood, Lebanon cedar, limba, macassar, ebony/amara, mango, East Indian rosewood and satinwood





1. China | 2. Indonesia | 3. Lebanon | 4. Malaysia | 5. India | 6. Japan

Camphor, cerejera, imbuya, ipe, jatoba, lacewood, lauro preto, lenga, limba, louro faia, pepper, primavera, rosewood santos, rosewood ziricote, snake wood, sucupira and swietenia





1. Brazil | 2. Chile | 3. Colombia | 4. Mexico | 5. Honduras

Ash, birdseye maple, cherry, elm, hard maple, hemlock, magnolia, maple, white oak, red gum, red oak, tineo, vavona and walnut





1. USA | 2. Canada

Our veneer production

The veneer’s journey to the digital web shop starts in Braşov, Romania, the Eldorado for European hard and soft wood. Here the JAF Group has operated a sawmill and veneer mill of its own since 2007 under the name J.F.FURNIR.

In the 10.000 m² timber stockyard, precious round timber of almost every type and quality of the wood is stacked – mainly from Europe, but also from Africa, Asia, North and South America. Around 30.000 solid cubic meters of wood are processed here every year for specific customer orders.

The technical core

State-of-the-art systems engineering can be found here in all areas: the first stage of all production processes in the plant is the use of the high performance Bongioanni band saw (“1600”). In the ultra-modern thermal chamber the sawn timber is modified at high temperatures and at the same time the oxygen content is reduced – thus making it durable for outdoor use in all weathers.

Quality in technology, quality in know-how

15 million square meters of veneer, 190 types of wood and around 1.0 million veneer-surfaces can be expertly assessed. Every unique front and rear surface is shown in high-resolution images. In a matter of seconds, you can find the perfect choice for you and your client. All of this on our innovative platform.

Veneer distribution centers

In addition to our location in Braşov, we also carry large veneer stocks in our distribution centers globally:

  • one major warehouse for specialty veneers in the heart of Europe, in Aupoint - Salzburg, for central European coverage
  •  one warehouses in HCMC in Vietnam for the South-East Asian supply