Mina & Lola

Mina & Lola is an online shop for children’s fashion and special toys. In a small shop in the nineth district of Vienna, however, a colorful selection of the assortment is presented. The interior was designed and conceived by the joinery and design office “handgedacht” with birch plywood from JAF. In order to get the most out of the rather small place, the transparent surface coating of the birch plywood forms the ideal contrast with its light wood tone to the colorful children’s toys. According to the Managing Director of “handgedacht”, the birch plywood does not have to be edged, it is easy to work with and offers the necessary scope for creativity.

Location: Vienna

Photos: Thomas Steinert

Joinery: handgedacht

Material shipped from JAF:

  • Plywood birch sliced veneer - translucent varnished