Chalet in Călţun

This chalet needed a careful selection of materials. Due to the extreme conditions, any mistake could have led to failure. The chattel, in one of the most endangered areas in the mountains of Romania, offers a first aid room, where a mountain rescue team (3 people) and tourists (19 people) can be accommodated.

The dynamic shape is tuned to the strong local winds, while the aluminum shroud gets its color and design from the moss-covered stones on-site.

The selected material, approx. 150 m² cross-laminated timber, was well suited from various perspectives - resistant to plenty of snow, light, compared to its structural wind resistance, solid surface and not forgetting the incredible woody fragrance.

Photos: Archaeus SRL

Location: Călţun, Romania

Architect: Studio Archaeus

Material shipped from JAF:

  • 150 m² Cross-laminated timber